ZayMat Distributors

Rebecca Boslett

Director of Business Development

Rebecca Boslett - Director of Business Development

Since 2017, Rebecca has been instrumental in expanding Zaymat’s entrance into the fuel distribution space by 40%. She has also helped Zaymat add Tier-I relationships as a diverse supplier in the utilities/energy, civil construction, and electrical supply industries for companies such as APBN, Powerline Supply, Atmos Energy, PEPCO, and First Energy to name a few.

Prior to Zaymat, Rebecca spent over 25 years in transportation, warehousing/logistics for Legend Delivery and Bonnie Speed Logistics. She negotiated, developed & implemented sustainable supply chain solutions for Fortune 500 companies, including but not limited to, Sherwin Williams, Progressive Insurance and Whirlpool. This included Truck Load (TL), Less than Truck Load (LTL), Expedited Freight, Air Freight, Last Mile Deliveries, Warehousing, Inventory, Cross-Docking, Scheduling & Routing.

Rebecca is currently on the board of directors for The Miracle League as well as The Softball Hall of Fame.  Formerly, she was a board member at Deepwood Foundation and The United Way of Lake County.  She resides in Concord, Ohio and enjoys volunteering, reading and travel.