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With 50 years of supply chain management and logistics expertise, ZayMat is a leading provider of safety, construction and industrial supplies. We have access to well over 1,000 products and we currently service hundreds of customers in both the private and public sector throughout the United States. ZayMat is affiliated with a select group of suppliers and manufacturers. These strategic alliances can add value to your brand and improve your bottom line. We can even take specialty product ideas from concept to reality by providing custom cutting and fabrication of a wide variety of items. Download our product brochure here

ZayMat Distributors is an MBE‚ DBE‚ SBE and EDGE certified company.

Quality Products

Safety Supplies
Construction Supplies
Tools & Equipment
Hose & Hydraulics
Concrete Restoration Products

Lumber & Related Products
Bus/Rail Parts
Fittings & Couplings
Cutting Tools
Building Maintenance Supplies


Innovative Construction Products
Concrete Restoration Products
Concrete Cleaning & Underlayment
Water Repellents
Concrete Grout & Joint Sealants
Concrete Rental Equipment

Great Lakes Petroleum

Bulk Fuel Transport
Same Day Delivery 24/7 365
On-Site Tanks with Free Installation
Wireless Fuel Monitoring
Smart Truck GPS Technology
Real Time Invoicing

Werner G. Smith, Inc.

Nonionic Surfactants
Hydrogenated Glycerides
Kettle Bodied Oils
Blown Oils